AT&T's outage nightmare, Nvidia smashes records, Capital One-Discover merger

AT&T said the cell phone outage was caused by "execution of an incorrect process"

— A nationwide cell phone outage stemmed from AT&T and left customers holding the phone 

— Nvidia smashes records taking the Dow, S&P 500 and Nasdaq along for the ride

— Capital One and Discover plan to merge, creating credit card monster 

— Walmart wins delivering dividend boost ahead of stock split 

— Trio of U.S. airlines hike fees 

— Moon Landing draws cheers 

TOP STORY - AT&T CELL COLLAPSE: A wild nationwide cell phone outage that lasted an entire day left customers on hold and put AT&T in the crosshairs…continue reading here.  

VIDEO: This is a 'big black eye' for AT&T: Kurt Knutsson.

NAILS IT!: Chip giant Nvidia cemented its AI MVP title after posting triple-digit increases in both profit and revenue, sending shares skyrocketing and the U.S. stock indices to record highs…continue reading here. 

Nvidia - 1-Week: +8.5%


Nvidia 1-Week  (

VIDEO: Nvidia is the 'MVP' of the tech, AI, semiconductor markets.

MONSTER DEAL: Capital One and Discover plan to merge in a $33 billion deal, which will make the combo the largest credit card company in the nation…continue reading here. 

WALMART WINNING: Business at the world's largest retailer is so good that the company announced a big dividend boost and a $2.3 billion deal…continue reading here. This ahead of its strategic 3-for-1 stock split set for this coming Monday…continue reading here. 

VIDEO: Walmart's U.S. CEO on how to rally store associates. 

Walmart - 1-Year: +23% - Stock Split Set for 2/26/24. 


HIKING FEES: Three major U.S. airlines are all raising fees for travelers in the latest sign that inflation is not going away…continue reading here.  

MOONSHOT!: For the first time in half a century, Intuitive Machines’ Odysseus lunar lander touched down on the moon…continue reading here.  

VIDEO: BLAST OFF! See the rocket launch.  

SpaceX rocket launches in Florida carrying moon lander

A SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket lifts off from launch pad LC-39A at the Kennedy Space Center with the Intuitive Machines' Nova-C moon lander mission, in Cape Canaveral, Florida, on Thursday, February 15, 2024. (Gregg Newton/AFP via Getty Images / Getty Images)


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