Tesla, Google, Oracle top week, along with Biden tax hikes and campus protests

Google parent Alphabet announced plans to start paying a dividend

-Anti-Israel protests escalate across campuses nationwide; Patriots owner Robert Kraft pulls donations to one 

-1Q GDP hits the skids as inflation ticks higher, creating a new headache for the Fed 

-President Biden signals plans to raise taxes by eliminating cuts already on the books

-Trump makes a pit stop at construction site heading to NYC trial 

-Tesla walks a tightrope in latest quarterly results 

-Google delivers investors a double surprise. Stock soars 

-Oracle's moving its headquarters … again 

-Retailer Express is shuttering stores 

CAMPUS CHAOS: Columbia, Harvard and New York University were among the many colleges across the nation raracked by anti-Israel protesting, some forced to cancel classes, telling students to stay home. Billionaire Robert Kraft, owner of the New England Patriots, is taking a big stand…continue reading here.  The crisis has put many university leaders under the microscope, especially those earning millions…continue reading here.

VIDEO: Former Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg on anti-semitism rise. 


HOT & COLD: U.S. economic growth slowed, taking many on Wall Street…continue reading here... At the same time, inflation saw another nudge higher…continue reading here. There will be plenty for the Federal Reserve to hash out at next week's meeting. 

VIDEO: Former Kansas City Federal Reserve President Esther George talks inflation.

WINNING WEEK: U.S. stocks notched weekly gains amid mixed earnings and economic data…more on the markets.


BIDEN TAX HIKES: President Biden said he won't keep Trump's tax cuts after they expire, and while he's at it he may even add a few more hikes…continue reading here.

VIDEO: Larry Kudlow talks taxes under Biden and Trump. 

HARDHATS: Former President Trump visited a top construction site in New York City and was welcomed with open arms…continue reading here.

VIDEO: Union members talk 2024 election after Trump's visit.

TESLA'S UPDATE: CEO Elon Musk talked about making more affordable cars in the company's quarterly update, and investors took the news in stride…continue reading here.  

VIDEO: Tesla is not a car company. Here's what it is…

DIVIDEND CLUB: Google parent Alphabet became the latest tech-titan to initiate a dividend for investors after posting stellar quarterly results, sending the company above $2 trillion in market value…continue reading here. 

Google parent Alphabet

Alphabet - YTD 2024  (FOXBusiness.com)

VIDEO: Rival Meta also reported earnings. Here are the top takeaways. 

MUSIC CITY MOVE: Oracle founder Larry Ellison spilled the beans this week, telling investors he's moving his company's headquarters to Nashville, Tennessee, from Austin, Texas. Here's why…continue reading here.

RIP: Multi-brand fashion retailer Express is shuttering locations in 31 states, blaming market pressures and the economy. Here's a list of the stores closing…continue reading here.


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