LARRY KUDLOW: 'Bidenomics' is really just a ploy to destroy American energy

Kudlow rips Biden's leadership and policies

Once again, let me make the point that Joe Biden is in a heap of trouble. Not a new thought from me, but new evidence, virtually unequivocally, shows that his troubles are deepening. The mainstream media only wants to talk about Donald Trump's indictments, but you can't have parallel grand juries in different geographical locations, and then argue that the former president is not entitled to his First Amendment-protected free speech. That charge will never stick.   

I'll tell you what else you can't have. You can't have Joe Biden picking up the phone 20 or 25 times as vice president with all sorts of crooked oligarchs on the other end of the line – and actually tell the public you were just talking about the weather.  Uh-uh. Ain't gonna fly.  

House Oversight Chair James Comer, who will be on this program tomorrow, just released a new batch of Biden business bank records, showing the Biden family business received over $20 million from Russia, Ukraine and Kazakhstan while Papa Joe was Veep.   

I know Joe Biden has a relationship with The Weather Channel, and we're going to get to that in a minute, but I don't think anybody in the Veep's office was really all that interested in the weather in Russia, Ukraine and Kazakhstan.   

Joe Biden

President Joe Biden speaks during an event in the East Room of the White House in Washington, DC, US, on Tuesday, July 25, 2023. (Getty Images)


This is on top of the earlier Comer unveiling of two tranches of Biden business records, that came to at least $10 million from various schemes in Romania and China. The weather's not that interesting in those places either. You have nine Biden family members getting paid from foreign business influence peddling.   

$30 million bucks for exactly what product? Which service? Influence peddling – the family business!  Devon Archer, a jilted former BFF, spilled the beans about the twenty-some odd phone calls and plenty of context and two dinners at Cafe Milano – not one dinner, but two dinners, full of foreign thugs meeting with Papa Joe.  

Get ready for Eric Schwerin, another jilted BFF, who will soon testify before the House Oversight Committee about his 35 or 40 visits to the White House, to the Veep's house, to all their houses.  Joe Biden's "I didn't know anything about Hunter's business" defense has been smashed, but now, with the bank records and the testimony of Biden insiders, there is no doubt that pay-for-play foreign influence peddling is a reality.   

These are allegations, but now really turning into hard evidence. Let's not kid ourselves.  Provable crimes? We'll see. Ethical violations? Absolutely.  Bribery schemes? We're still waiting on that Burisma story and the twenty audio tapes.  Meanwhile, just as an aside, Joe Biden actually did an interview with The Weather Channel, but he didn't talk about the weather in China, Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan and Romania.   

I mean, I thought he might unburden himself and explain to people his rabid interest in Chinese and Eastern European meteorology. I mean, maybe it's some hidden hobby he's had all these years? Nope! His real message was more ultra-liberal pap about his war against fossil fuels. 


He says he wants to stop all drilling on the coasts and the Gulf of Mexico. But the courts got in the way.  Actually, he just wants to stop all drilling. Period. In fact, Bidenomics is really just a ploy to destroy American energy.  

If you think about it, Russia, China, Ukraine and Kazakhstan, who all contributed to the Biden family coffers, are all producers of fossil fuels: coal, oil and gas.  Why not let them do it? That'll help bury American national security altogether, wouldn't it? All for $30 million bucks. It's a pathetic story.  You're in a heap of trouble, Joe Biden.   

This article is adapted from Larry Kudlow’s opening commentary on the August 9, 2023, edition of "Kudlow."