49ers star George Kittle on Gatorade's Fast Twitch providing essential energy boost: 'It checks all the boxes'

With 200mg of caffeine, zero sugar and essential vitamins, Kittle says 75% of teammates use it

San Francisco 49ers star tight end George Kittle's offseason mornings usually involve working out, and like many professional athletes, an extra energy boost is needed. 

Fast Twitch is his go-to pre-workout, no matter the time and place.

From the creators of Gatorade, Kittle explained the benefits he's seen in his energy and performance using Fast Twitch. 


Gatorade Fast Twitch flavors

Gatorade Fast Twitch comes in bottled form and powder for those on the go.  (Gatorade / Fox News)

"I’m on a pretty strict schedule," Kittle told Fox Business Digital while at his home before shooting an ad for Fast Twitch with his wife, Claire, a former Iowa Hawkeyes basketball player. "I work out four to five days a week. I always do morning workouts – we have anywhere from six to 12 guys usually on most days that come work out. 

"A majority of us like a good pre-workout and just get some energy to start the day besides a cup of coffee, and I’m a huge fan of Gatorade’s Fast Twitch just because it’s 200 milligrams of caffeine to give you a nice burst of energy, and it’s really fun to get through a full workout. All the boys are enjoying themselves."

Fast Twitch started in bottled form, with flavors including a classic Gatorade one like Glacier Freeze, Grape, Tropical Mango and Strawberry Watermelon. Kittle enjoys all the flavors, saying, "I have to stop myself from drinking too many of them."

But Fast Twitch is expanded to powder sticks as well. For gym rats like Kittle, pre-workouts usually come in powdered form. Each stick for Fast Twitch dissolves into 12 ounces of water, and not only does it provide the caffeine boost for a workout, but it also offers electrolytes — Gatorade's calling card — as well as 100% daily value of Vitamins B6 and B12. 


It's a super convenient way to get energy and essential vitamins, and convenience is something Kittle has seen as paramount for athletes like himself. 

"There’s guys I see, they have like five, six things in their locker that they’re taking to get energy for a workout or for practice," he explained. "To be able to have everything you really need in one bottled drink, or just the powder you can put in, it’s just very convenient. 

George Kittle looks on field

George Kittle #85 of the San Francisco 49ers looks on during pregame warmups before Super Bowl LVIII against the Kansas City Chiefs at Allegiant Stadium on February 11, 2024 in Las Vegas, Nevada. (Ryan Kang/Getty Images / Getty Images)

"One thing I learned playing football as long as I have going into Year 8, most athletes, if it’s not convenient, they kind of don’t want to do it anymore. The fact that it’s so convenient, that’s why I see 75% of my locker room uses Gatorade Fast Twitch. Guys in the building use it all the time."

Kittle is excited to be working with his wife for the Fast Twitch ad, about which he gave a spoiler: She's going to be tackling him. 

"She gets to tackle me, which is gonna be awesome. You’re going to see her energy and how strong she is," he said. 

"We’ve worked together now on a couple of things, but this is the most active one we’ve done. We both like Gatorade Fast Twitch, so I was like, ‘We both have the energy for it. Why not put it out there and show the world how you can toss me from the field to the sideline?’"

Whether it's the offseason or time to get back on the sideline, for Kittle, Fast Twitch is giving him the boost he needs to be at his best.

George and Claire Kittle hold up Gatorade Fast Twitch

San Francisco 49ers tight end George Kittle and his wife, Claire, use Gatorade Fast Twitch to keep them energized during workouts. (Gatorade / Fox News)


"It checks all the boxes you need," he said. 

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