Adobe generative AI suite Firefly now available for commercial use

Artificial intelligence-powered Firefly can be used on Adobe products including Photoshop

After six months of beta testing from creators, Adobe's family of generative artificial intelligence models, dubbed Firefly, is ready for prime time.

Firefly became available on Wednesday across Adobe's Creative Cloud, Express and Experience Cloud, and the company has launched a new standalone Firefly web application for users to explore the tools, which are now available for commercial use on Photoshop, Illustrator and Adobe Express.

adobe logo on laptop screen

The Adobe logo on a laptop arranged in the Brooklyn borough of New York, on July 28, 2023. Adobe Inc.'s new generative AI suite Firefly is now available for commercial use. (Gabby Jones/Bloomberg via Getty Images / Getty Images)

"With over 2 billion generations, creators amazed us with their engagement and feedback to the Firefly beta, inspiring us to deliver generative AI capabilities that are designed to be commercially safe and seamlessly integrated into the interfaces customers love," said Ely Greenfield, Adobe's chief technology officer for digital media.

Generative AI became part of the American lexicon recently, following the release of Microsoft-backed OpenAI's ChatGPT chatbot to the public last year, and the emergence of competitors like Google's Bard.


But AI is nothing new to Adobe, either. The first Firefly model Adobe launched in March was its imaging model, and Greenfield told FOX Business it was borne out of the company's research lab, which has been working for over a decade on creative AI and generative AI. 

Adobe Photoshop

The Adobe Photoshop logo seen displayed on a smartphone. Images can now be created in Photoshop using Adobe's generative AI-powered Firefly models. (Rafael Henrique/SOPA Images/LightRocket via Getty Images / Getty Images)

He says the difference between Firefly and some of the other technologies on the market is that Firefly is designed to be commercially safe.


Many companies have questions about how generative AI models are trained and any copyright issues surrounding their use. To address those issues, Adobe trained Firefly on a foundation of licensed content, using hundreds of millions of images and assets primarily from its Adobe Stock collections.

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While in beta mode, creators could experiment with using Firefly for creating an array of content like images and text effects, and now that content may be used commercially. Eligible contributors to the Adobe Stock collection will also receive bonuses so that they can benefit from the use of their content for training the new generative AI tools.


Firefly's text prompts are available in over 100 languages to enable users from around the globe to utilize the technology.

Greenfield told FOX Business, "This is our creativity for all moment."