Google shows off latest AI tools at CES

Google previewed new AI tools and features from the Android and Google ecosystems at the trade show in Las Vegas

Tech giant Google showed off its latest artificial intelligence (AI) tools this week at the CES 2024 trade show in Las Vegas.

Google’s booth offered a glimpse of AI-powered features across the Google and Android ecosystem – including generative AI tools for both creative and work-use cases.

Duet AI, which is integrated across Google Workspace and Google Cloud, is a generative AI tool that can be used for summarizing content and drafting emails, lists or data sets.

Google headquarters in California

Google highlighted new AI tools and features from the Android and Google ecosystems at CES. (Marlena Sloss/Bloomberg via Getty Images / Getty Images)

The exhibit featured an example in which the user sought Duet AI’s help in drafting an apology letter for missing a friend’s birthday.


Google Duet AI

Google's Duet AI can generate draft emails, such as this apology letter. (Photo by Eric Revell / FOX Business / Fox News)

Duet AI’s integration into Google Sheets allows users to fill out a spreadsheet based on their prompts. Google also offers Duet AI for developers and for security functions. 

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The Duet AI assistant is available to Workspace subscribers for an extra charge of $30 for each user.

Duet AI Google Sheets

Google's Duet AI is available across Google Workspace, including Sheets, for subscribers. (Photo by Eric Revell / FOX Business / Fox News)

The booth also shed light on features available to Android users such as the experimental Magic Compose, which is currently in a limited availability beta. 


Embedded in Google Messages, Magic Compose uses generative AI to offer suggested responses based on the context of a conversation with others in the app. 

Google Magic Compose

Google's Magic Compose feature brings generative AI suggestions for texting in a beta version of Google Messages. (Photo by Eric Revell / FOX Business / Fox News)

It can also be used to revise text written by the user into a different style, such as making the message "lyrical" or "Shakespearean" if a user wants.

Google’s CES exhibit also featured Magic Editor, which was made available on select Pixel phones late last year. 

Users can erase unwanted objects from photos by circling or brushing them, move objects by tapping and dragging them across the photo, resize them by pinching, or improve the background lighting. 

Google Magic Editor

Google's Magic Editor lets users erase, move, or resize objects in their images. (Photo by Eric Revell / FOX Business / Fox News)


Video editing is also getting an AI-aided boost with YouTube Create, a beta feature currently available on Android that allows users to add captioning automatically and clean up audio, as well as filters and other effects. YouTube Create also contains a library of royalty-free music and sound effects.