Business leaders on America's anti-Israel college campus protest crisis

Billionaire Columbia donor Leon Cooperman says campus is 'organized anarchy'

-Anti-Israel college campus protests expand, no end in sight to winding down.

-More universities are canceling classes and graduations, leaving students cheated.

-America's CEOs are speaking out on what needs to be done.

-A new crop of Ivy Leagues is gaining popularity over Harvard, Columbia & Yale.

CHEATED!: Columbia University caved to the pressure of the protesters and, in an unprecedented move, canceled graduation, cheating hundreds of students out of a life milestone…continue reading here.  

VIDEO: More lawmakers may push to end tax perks for colleges under siege. 

BILLIONAIRE DONOR NAILS IT: Billionaire Columbia University donor Leon Cooperman, who has given upwards of $50 million to the school, didn't mince words when he described those behind the campus chaoscontinue reading here.

VIDEO: Leon Cooperman's full interview on FOX Business Network's Claman Countdown.


WALKING IT BACK: Hims & Hers CEO Andrew Dudum rolled out the welcome wagon for anti-Israel agitators, and the backlash was swift…continue reading here.

VIDEO: Here's how investor Kevin O'Leary would have dealt with Dudum. 

RULE REVIEW: Facebook's independent oversight board is considering whether to designate the phrase "from the river to the sea" as hate speech…continue reading here.


FLOODGATES ARE OPEN: A prominent Jewish university is seeing a wave of new applicants looking to get away from the anti-Israel campus deluge…continue reading here.

VIDEO: Jewish student shares disturbing actions on UCLA campus. 


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